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I got all the bars in my first try, half the battery left but god, it was SO stressing. the messsages/notifications really made me tense up. I feared not making it. It was almost too spooky for me :') but I'm glad I finally got the time to play it! Can't believe you did this in such little time. Kudos to whoever was in charge of the soundtrack cause it really made you feel like you where there.

Hey, just a hunch... Is this a true story?

This game was cool. It really had a sense of hopelessness. I didn't go crazy in the woods or anything...

сделал обзор игры) жаль, что выхода не было: д

Hi, one of the artists here =) Thanks for playing the game! I can confirm there is a way out. I think you were pretty close to it at around 14:51 in your video? It can be a bit hard to find but it is there I promise!

I'm glad that in the end you got all the bars for the signal. I was getting a tad worried that it wasnt obtainable to do. That you left it to just walk the poor kid till you got tired of the game haha glad that's not the case.

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I had a play and did a video and while the object of the game was to find the signal strength etc, I wasn't to fussed about that to be honest as I really enjoyed just wondering around and admiring the landscape and listening to the sound effects. I didn't make it out but well worth the  17 minutes of play. Chilled.

Nice one DEVS

I broke it once and lost the other, but this is pretty awesome. I'm not sure if there is a win state, but I never happened upon it. Even so, I really enjoyed my time with Scout. It started off as a stressful quest to find enough signal and slowly evolved into an almost meditative journey. I don't know if that was the intent, but it was really relaxing. Well done!